Ace of Spade

I'm at a loss.  In so many ways at a loss. 

Kate Spade represented so much to me, creativity, strength, curiosity and quirkiness.  And that's on me.  Because what I saw as Kate Spade the woman was Kate Spade the brand.  A carefully and meticulously curated concept designed to inspire women everywhere to not just be the best person they could be but to buy the best woman they could be. 

I didn't know the Real Kate Spade.  In the same way that I don't really know you.  In the same way that you don't really know me. Because we are/I am really good at putting up this facade of perfection.  A glow of success, of persistence, of creativity, of living boldly and daring greatly.  

What I do know is that she was a real human.  With real emotions and real struggles. Hidden behind this brand of perfection.  A brand we're all trying to create on social media so we can look perfect for each other.  I know I have. 

When in actuality, I'm scared a lot of the time.  I erase the truths I want to tell.  I trash what I deem not worthy enough for you to see.  All so I can look/be good enough in your eyes.  Someone I don't even know.  Why do I/we do this?

To sell an idea to you?  To sell a product to you?  To sell an experience?  

What I know at least is that this idea that Kate Spade created initially, it did encourage me to buy (my collection of purses is testament to her design acumen) but it also encouraged me to be bold in who I am, even if it feels different,  brighter and sometimes uncomfortable.  

There's a shadow side to us all and fighting it off/finding balance between the two seems like that is our life struggle.  It seemed in Mrs. Spade's case, she lost the battle.  So I sincerely bow down to a visionary, a mother, a creator and a REAL LIFE HUMAN and hope she rests in peace. 



Stephanie Jimenez