What is the booking process like?

  1. Fill out the form below with all of your pertinent event information.  Vogue Vignette will get back to you within 48 hours with availability and a rates quote. 
  2. If your date is available, Vogue Vignette will send an Event Contract for you to sign.
  3. An invoice for the 50% deposit will be sent in order to secure your event date. Payment must be received within 7 days of signing the contract.

How does payment work?

Payment may be made via credit card or check (please note, payment must be received prior to the securing of your event date).  The 50% balance will need to be paid in full one week prior to the event date.  

All major credit cards are accepted. 

How many hours of service may we book?

For one day, Vogue Vignette can be booked for up to 9 hours with 15 minute breaks every 2.5 hours and a 30 minute lunch or dinner break.  

Weekend events during the evening require a 4 hour minimum.  Weekdays require a 2 hour minimum. 


What is included in the event package?

  • Original artwork created in Vogue Vignette's signature 'Swan Neck' style.
  • Heavy weight 110# bright white 8" x 10" paper branded with your company or event logo.  Quantities will vary depending upon duration of event and style of artwork selected.  
  • Clear protective sleeves for each guests artwork.
  • Your choice of artwork style, seen below.
  • All art supplies including artist quality pens and markers. 
  • Sign up sheets
  • Event signage with instructions

The artist will also supply business cards, event signage and other promotional material

How long do sketches normally take?

Vogue Vignette has three live sketching options to select from:

Vogue Vignette Live Sketching Examples.jpg


  • THE SWIFT (2-4 minutes):   The 'Swift' sketch is a high fashion styled portrait created with the loose strokes of a felt calligraphy pen.  The 'Swift' is perfect for larger events.
  • THE SPRITE (appx. 7 minutes):  The 'Sprite' sketch is a loose colored style of sketch using ink and artist quality markers.   Perfect for events sized at 50-100 people. 
  • THE MUSE (7-14 minutes):  The 'Muse' sketch is a full marker color portrait and is perfect for more exclusive, smaller parties and events.  


What can I expect the day of an event?

The Artist will arrive for setup 30-45 minutes prior to the start of event.  For larger events, an assistant will be on hand to help the artist with packaging and photography.

A sign up sheet is provided with time slots for guests.  We have found this to be the most effective way of reaching as many of your guests as possible in an organized manner.

What does the client provide?

The client will provide the following:

  • Two chairs, one for artist and one for guest being sketched
  • A table and table linens with a minimum measurement of 2' x 2' and a maximum of 4' x 6'.
  • Small floral arrangements have been a special touch in the past but not a requirement.
  • Suitable lighting if in a dimly lit space.

Will everyone receive artwork?

Unfortunately, all artwork is on a first come, first served basis so there will be guests who leave empty handed.  However, additional artwork may be commissioned in-studio for the VIP's who didn't receive a portrait for an additional fee of $125/hour.   

Additional artwork completed in-studio, post-event will be delivered within 3 weeks at no additional shipping cost. 


Have other questions that weren't answered here?  Would love to hear from you:

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